How to choose stainless steel screens

We purchase wire netting, both use high-grade, fire, light good wire screens, stainless steel wire mesh screens would have such conditions. But some friends chose stainless steel screens, after a period of use, found rust, more annoyed. Can not complain that rust is not to say it?

Now how was rusted out?

In the store to buy stainless steel mesh screens, $ 1 will be able to buy cheaper as long as one meter, the kind of the thing to USD 3-4.What stainless steel mesh big reason is the price difference ? In fact, there are several grades of stainless steel , material no nickel stainless steel called the worst .Corrosion resistance of stainless steel and the main CR ( Ge ) is determined by the stainless steel NI ( Ni ) , and CR NI containing high corrosion resistance stainless steel , the higher a NI NI of stainless steel and no price is difference. How to determine there is no NI stainless steel and CR, the current method can only take tests , the naked eye can not be seen .

Corrosion resistance of stainless steel and the main CR ( Ge ) is determined by the stainless steel NI ( Ni )

How to do ?

I personally recommend to buy , you ask the store kind and the kind of price, pick a central parity buy, certainly not too cheap good material , there are reluctant to buy them too expensive , give us a reference , stainless steel screens in my house with the 304 material ( 8 NI) price of $ 3 a square meter, but the screen border is not, I live in the south , the air is humid , it often rains .

A few years little signs of rust at all. When you buy at that price you can almost shot. Enterprises or large quantities manufacturer to find the best buy, can you explain to the manufacturer's material, allows companies to provide you with the best material reports, as long as he is within the standard range of products can be . I plant a variety of materials of stainless steel screens, welcome to buy.

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