Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh

Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh is a wire woven mesh cloth popularly used for Screen Cloth, Strainer Cloth, Drainage Mesh and Security screen.


Wire Mesh, Square Hole for Screen Cloth

Stainless Square 30mesh Screen Cloth
Material: Stainless Steel Type 304
Surface: Mill Finish
Type of Woven: Plain Weave
Mesh: 30 x 30 Mesh (Square), 0.0213" x 0.0213" Opening(Square)
Wire: 0.012" (32-3/4 Gauge) Thinck Wire Diameter
Open area: 41% Open Area
Mesh roll size: 36.0'' width x 1200.0'' length, random cut


Plain Woven Wire Mesh AISI 304 and AISI 316

Material: SS 304, SS 316
Woven type: Plain weave
Wire ranges: 0.035mm to 0.6mm
Aperture ranges: 0.043mm to 2.5mm
Detail specifications for reference


Monel Woven Mesh Screen

Screen size: 48” x 60”
SCREEN Mesh, NI-CU, ASTM B-164,1/16" DIA (0.063)
Construction Type: Monel 400 Woven ASTM B164
Weave Type: Woven
Mesh / Opening: Mesh
Size: 2 mesh (.437" opg)
Wire Diameter Parallel Width: .063ga
Wire Diameter Parallel Length: .063ga
Tolerance: Standard Mill Tolerance


904L Stainless Steel Woven Wire Mesh
Woven wire mesh 904L Stainless Steel
Aperture 0.79mm x 0.22mm Wire
Open area: 60%


Intercrimp Woven Mesh

Material: Carbon Steel
Wire diameter: 0.080 inch
Opening: .25 inch
Mesh sheet size: 48” x 120”


Rhombus Woven Stainless Steel Mesh

Rhombus woven stainless steel mesh AISI 304
Material: AISI 304
Woven stainless steel mesh
Hole size: 14mm x 14mm
Mesh sheet size:

Drawing reference:
Woven Stainless Steel Mesh in Application


Woven Screen Cloth - High Carbon Steel Wire Mesh

Woven Screen Cloth 4 x 10 x 1135W x 1200mm Length
Screen Cloth : 4x10
Length: 1200mm
Width: 1135mm
Wire Gap: 4x10mm
Wire Dia: 3mm
Material: High Carbon Steel Wire ( SCORH-57-A)


Wire Mesh Strainer Cloth

Wire mesh used for strainer cloth
Wire mesh size 30mesh
Wire diameter 0.33mm
Mesh cloth width 1m x l 100ft
Material: Stainless Steel 316 and 316l
Type: Woven


Woven Stainless Steel Drainage Mesh

Roll width min. 1000 mm
Material: AISI 304, 316, or samilar material
Aperture: 5 mm x 0.5 mm
Wire thickness: 1.0 mm

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