Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Filter Discs

We supply and export stainless steel mesh filter elements in the forms of wire cloth discs, circles, screen packs, filter assembly or cut pieces.

Mesh materials for processing: AISI 430, 302, 321, 304, 304L, 316316L, 904L,  Monel, Inconel.

Mesh Fabric Weaving: Plain, Twill, Dutch Weave, Five Heddle Weave.

Processing of Filter Discs: Spot welded, cut pieces, framed, rimmed, single or multi layer


Wire Mesh Filter Disc
Material: Stainless Steel Wire
Particle filtration: 49 micron
0.0019 inch
Drawing Reference attached


Wire Mesh Discs
Stainless steel wire mesh discs: 4 inch in diameter, 0.040” wire, 0.200” opening mesh. Similar mesh sizes as shown below:


Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen Disc
Disc Type Filter Screen
Material: 304 stainless steel fiber
Mesh: 250 mesh
Discs diameter 1.5625”


SS Mesh Disc
Filter Assembly for Valves: Circular Filter Disc with Filter Washer and Support
Filter material: 1mm x 1mm square hole stainless steel mesh
Thickness: 0.8mm
Drawing reference attached.


Filter Disc Screens for Rubber Industry
Filter Disc Extruder Screen with Support rings
Application: Extruder screen
Disc outside diameter: 16mm
Support ring: 2 mm width supporting ring encasing the screen
Screen material: 200 mesh


Wire Mesh Filter Disc, for Fuel ang Gas Filters
Fuel and Gas Filter Elements
Filter discs, exported to USA
304 Stainless steel mesh discs, 2.5” diameter
Used in automotive type fuel filters
Filter rating: Filtration of particles down to .0004”. 
Feature: Minimum wire thickness to reduce flow restrictions while allowing more openings for fuel to flow. 


SS304 Sintered Wire Mesh Filter Discs, for Demister Uses
Used in liquid or gas filtration
Material: SS 304 wire mesh, ,Ø14x5mm (±0.2) - wire Ø0.23mm - mass 2gms (±0.2)gms

Mist Eliminator Demister Pad

50 Mesh Filter Mesh Disc
Material: SS304
Mesh: 50X50
Wire Diameter: .0085
Roll width: 48 inch x 100 line feet
SS304 Wire Mesh Circles


316L Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Discs

Filter material: 316L Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Wire Mesh Filter Cloth 200 x 1400 mesh

316L Stainless Steel Dutch Weave Wire Mesh Filter Cloth Discs
Disc diameter: 32mm including ring
Thickness: 1mm
To Holland Automation and navigation equipment industry

Drawing reference:


SS Filter Discs, 2 Layers Pack Screen

Plastic Extruder Screen Packs
Filter discs to Iran
Fabricating ss wire cloth into filter packs:
Round shape with diameter of 20mm , in 2 layers .
Layer 1: strong support layer
Layer 2: filter layer: mesh 100 and – 200 mesh


Filter Disc for Polyester Films Filtration

Polymer Filter Disc Supplied for India polyester films industry.
Extruder screen, filter elements for Polymers and Engineering Plastic compounds production
Disc with 2.5 inches ID, 12 inch OD and 3000 PSID. 
Filter rating: 40 micron


Filter Mesh Circles of Stainless Steel 4% Ni Material

Circular Filter Screen Packs
Wire cloth slit into circles

Discs available:

Material: Stainless Steel 4% Ni
20x20 mesh x 0.55mm wire x 3' x15m, roll weight: 41.8kg
Outer disc diameter  8", 9", 10".

Material: Stainless Steel 4% Ni
40 x 40 mesh x 0.25mm wire x 3' x 15m, roll weight: 17.3kg
Outer disc diameter 8".

Material: Stainless Steel 4% Ni
80 x 80 mesh x 40BWG x 4' x 30 m, roll weight: 20kg
Outer disc diameter: 7" , 9", 10".

Material: Stainless Steel 4% Ni
Twill weave 60x60 mesh x 34BWG x4'x30m, roll weight: 48kg
Outer disc diameter 8" , 9", 10".

Material: Stainless Steel 4% Ni
120 mesh x 4'x30m, roll weight 14kg
Outer disc diameter 8".

Material: Stainless Steel 4% Ni
Outer disc diameter 8".

Material: Stainless Steel 4% Ni
200mesh x4'x30m=9kg
Outer disc diameter 8".

Material: Stainless Steel 4% Ni
200mesh and 250 mesh twill weave

Sintered SS Disc Filters
Fine Particle Filter Discs
Multi layer wire cloth sintered wire mesh sheet can be made into circular screen or fluidized board
Application: Chemical industry and power plant
Ø.500" (Ø 12mm) flat sintered mesh filter discs without rim
Opening: Max .005" (.012mm).
Material: S.S 316L
Diameter: .030" (.75mm)
To UK for project to filter impurities, to eliminate fine particles


Stainless Steel Filter Discs with Stainless Steel Rims, for water filtration
Food Grade Mesh Screen Filter
For water filtration
Disk OD: 84 mm
Openings in the screen: 1mm max.

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