Stainless Steel Insect Screen Mesh

SS mesh with excellent corrosion resistance, alkali and acid resistance, is ideal for high grade modern building construction. We offer a range of screening products of stainless steel mesh: pool and potio screen, solar screen, sunshade screen, no-see-through window screen and ventilation nets.


Insect Screen Sill of Stainless Steel Mesh 316

Material: 316L Alloy Stainless Steel Mesh
Offering superior insect protection
Finish: Black powder coating
Feature: Easy to install, burglarproof, bulletproof, anti-fly and mosquito

Bullet proof anti-fly stainless steel mesh screen
Rigid Stainless Screen Meshes / Insects Proof Nets offer high temperature resistance, not easy to wear, not easy to aging, good toughness and high strength.

Technical Characteristics

Property Test Method Results Warp Results Fill
Tensile Strength      
a) Cut strip Method(lb) ASTM D 5035 138 112
b) Grab Method(lb) ASTM D 5034 171 142
Tearing Strength Trapezoid Method(lb) ASTM D 5587 33 27
Yarn Slippage(lb) ASTM D 4912 30 26
Stiffness(mg) ASTM D 3656 247 166
Stretch(%) TMS-TM-002 1.5 2.6
Set(%) TMS-TM-002 0.2 0.4
Mesh Weight(oz/yd sq) ASTM D 3776 6.9
Fabric Thickness(in.) ASTM D 1777 0.024
Bond Strength(lb) CS 248-64(5.5) 45
Openness/Transmittance(%) 17 45.6
Blocking FS L-S-125B(4.4.9) Scale 1
Colorfastness to 1200hrs Color Change According to AATCC Gray Sale TMS-TM-003 All Colors 4 min
Mullen Bursting Strength (psi) Initial FS L-S-125B(4.4.7) 293


304 Stainless Steel Meshes for Window Screen

Material: 304 Stainless Steel Natural Finish
Mesh: 18x16 mesh
Wire diameter: 0.27mm
Type: Woven, netting


Square Hole 304 Mesh for Window Screening

304 SS Square Woven Wire Mesh for Window Screen Fabric
Material: 304 Stainless Steel Natural Finish
Mesh Size/ Count Mesh - Wire Dia
Mesh: 14 x 14
Wire diameter: 0.35 mm
Type: Woven, netting


304 Stainless Steel Mesh PVC Coated Back Finish

16x16 Mesh Black PVC Coated Stainless Steel Mesh, Woven Wire in Square Opening, Window Insect Netting Screen
Material: 304 Stainless steel mesh
Finish: Plastic / polyester / powder coated black
Type: Woven, netting
Hole: Square
Mesh: 16x16mesh
Wire diameter: 0.24mm
Mesh: 20x20 mesh
Wire diameter: 0.25mm
Features: High security panels, excellent corrosion resistance


Stainless Steel Fly Screen, No Powdering

Material:Stainless Steel Wire
Weave Style: weaving after crimped
Technique: Woven
Mesh:0.7-21 mesh
Hole size: 0.1-1.5 mm
Color: Silver
Finish: Stainless steel bright
Hole shape: Square Hole
Length: requirement
Feature: Corrosion Resistance
Wire Diameter: 0.4-20 mm

Regular Specification Other size Popular Size
11mesh x 0.8mm in 316 12mesh x 0.7mm 750mm x 2000mm (2400mm or 3000mm)
11mesh x 0.9mm in 304 12mesh x 0.6mm 900mm x 2000mm (2400mm or 3000mm)
10meshX0.81mm 14mesh x 0.6mm 1200mm x 2000mm (2400mm or 3000mm)
  14mesh x 0.5mm 1500mm x 2000mm (2400mm or 3000mm)


304 Stainless Steel Insect Netting for Window Security

Window securing black powder coated ss mesh
High security stainless steel fly screening

Non see through window netting panels of ss mesh
Dust proof stainless steel mosquito nets constructed of stainless steel wire cloth and aluminum frame

Stainless steel mosquito nets / insect screens
Screen Frame Material: Aluminium Alloy 6063T5
Frame Thickness:1.4mm~2.0mm
A Lock set: heavy hinges, avoiding inner door drop
Stainless steel mesh:fixed by screw and EPDM sealing strip to be cushioned and aging-resistant
Insect mesh material: Stainless steel mesh 304,316
Weave: Plain weave
Mesh color:Black
Screen Frame color: White, black, bronze-coloured, red wooden color, yellow wooden color
Forms:Semi-finished materials / fixed Size

Key Features
Safety and robust with high quality assurance
The stainless steel mesh has smooth surface, strong resistance to impact, safety assurance and also insect protection

Inner: PE bag shrinked, wrapped by bubble bag
Outer: cardboard carton
Or custom packing

304 316l Stainless Steel Window Screen ( specification can be produced as per requirements)

Product name
Wire Gauge
Roll Size
Stainless Steel
Insect Screening


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