S.S. 304 Wire Mesh, 20-200 Mesh, Wire 0.38 to 0.05mm

Hehua supplies quality stainless steel wire mesh (S.S.304) based on price ex works or FOB, or CIF. Details as follows. If you have any specific requirements like roll size, cut size, weaving patterns or packing details, please let us know.

Popular S.S.304 Mesh:
1) S.S. 304, 20 Mesh x 0.38mm
2) S.S. 304, 40 Mesh x 0.25mm
3) S.S. 304, 40 Mesh x 0.15mm
4) S.S. 304, 60 Mesh x 0.15mm
5) S.S. 304, 80 Mesh x 0.12mm
6) S.S. 304, 80 Mesh x 0.10mm
7) S.S. 304, 100 Mesh x 0.10mm
8) S.S. 304, 120 Mesh x 0.08mm
9) S.S. 304,150 Mesh x 0.06mm
10) S.S. 304,200 Mesh x 0.05mm

Above stainless steel mesh refers to ss wire mesh woven in square opening, plain weave. The weft and warp wire diameters are the same.

Commercial terms and conditions:

1) Price basis: Ex works, FOB, CIF, etc.
2) Excise duty : Includes in above price
3) Sales Tax: Extra @ 2% against form C.
4) Delivery: As per agreed monthly schedule or at the time of ordering.
5) Packing: Included
6) Transport: Extra at actually occurred.
7) Payment Terms: 100 % against proforma invoice.

Stainless Steel 304 Wire Mesh
Quality Stainless Steel 304 Wire Mesh, 200 mesh

Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh
Stainless Steel Wire Mesh in square opening

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