Processing of Stainless Steel Mesh via Weaving, Knitting, Twisting, Welding, Crimping, Punching, and Other Methods

Processing methods of ss mesh include: Weaving, crimping, twist weave, welding, expanding, perforating, knitting, chain linking, punching and assembly, and other processing.

Stainless steel mesh is supplied in rolls and sheets.

Stainless steel mesh sheets / panels are mainly expanded, perforated, punched.

Decorative Mesh is mainly made by creative weave, chained, ringed and other patterns.

Mesh rolls are mainly processed:

Woven, twisted or knitted, chained, crimped weave, welded.

Woven SS Mesh Rolls:

We produce Stainless Steel Wire Mesh from first class stainless steel wire materials in SUS302, 304, 316, 304L, 316L.

Typical Weaving Patterns for Stainless Steel Wire Mesh:
Plain weave, twill weave, dutch weave.

General Use: Stainless steel wire mesh, with its excellent resistance against acid, alkali, heat and corrosion, find extensive uses in processing of oils, chemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, also sorting and screening of solid, liquid and gas in mine, metallurgy, airspace, machine making, etc.

Stainless Steel Square Wire Mesh Sizes:
Standard roll width of stainless steel square wire mesh: 1m to 48"
Standard roll length of stainless steel square wire mesh: 30m to 100

We also can provide other specification according to the clients requrements. Meanwhile,we accept the business of processing supply meterial.

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