High Tensile Woven Wire Screen

High Tensile Woven Wire Screens, Hooked Flat Panels

High Tensile Woven Wire Screens are specialized hook screens designed for Mining and Crusher Plant Screen uses.


High Tensile Woven ( Carbon Steel ) Wire Screens - Mining Screens

High Tensile Woven Wire Screens with Hooks for Mining
Width : 1480 mm (without hook side)
Length : 1100 mm ( hook side )
hook length : 1000 mm

* General specification :
Hook angle : 30° , mesh size 4X4 mm
Wire diameter : 3 mm , Hook plates : 1 mm
Upper side of hook ≈ 30 mm, Lower side of hook ≈ 50mm
Woven Wire Screen Drawing


High Tensile Vibrating Crimped Wire Mesh

Vibrating crimp wire mesh screen panels
Screen Mesh for Vibrating Screen
Screen material : Steel wire
Wire diameter 6.5mm
Aperture 53.5 x 53.5 mm
Length: 2223mm
Width: 1094mm

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