High Tensile Woven Wire Screens, Hooked Flat Panels

High Tensile Woven Wire Screens are specialized hook screens designed for Mining and Crusher Plant Screen uses.


High Tensile Woven ( Carbon Steel ) Wire Screens - Mining Screens

High Tensile Woven Wire Screens with Hooks for Mining
Width : 1480 mm (without hook side)
Length : 1100 mm ( hook side )
hook length : 1000 mm

* General specification :
Hook angle : 30° , mesh size 4X4 mm
Wire diameter : 3 mm , Hook plates : 1 mm
Upper side of hook ≈ 30 mm, Lower side of hook ≈ 50mm
Woven Wire Screen Drawing


High Tensile Vibrating Crimped Wire Mesh

Vibrating crimp wire mesh screen panels
Screen Mesh for Vibrating Screen
Screen material : Steel wire
Wire diameter 6.5mm
Aperture 53.5 x 53.5 mm
Length: 2223mm
Width: 1094mm

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