Extruder Screen of Stainless Steel Wire Mesh and Mild Steel Mesh for Rubber and Plastic Industries

We supply following screens designs and filter cloth used for making of extruder screens for reference, custom designs accepted.

Materials of extruder screen packs: Stainless steel wire mesh ss302, ss304, ss316, ss316L, also mild steel.

Extruder screens is commonly made with single layer and multilayer wire cloth as filter screening. Designs covering non framed disc, cartridge, disc / pack with frame, with edge and other forms:

Single screens: stainless steel 304 and 316, for oil-free applications.
Multi-layer stainless steel wire cloth screens: Welded screen packs and framed screen packs. The frames materials are stainless steel or aluminum and other suitable metals.
Gaskets and O rings made with stainless steel wire cloth, or other metals including alu, brass, copper.
Candle filter cartridge of pleated ss mesh.

Common range:
Thickness can be achieved between 0.03mm to 1.5mm.
Size can be achieved between 1mm* 1mm to 600mm* 780mm.
Smallest open hole is 0.1mm.
Smallest width is 0.025mm.
Product precision is ± 0.01mm (common difference).


Plastic Extruder Screens
Designed with backing screen and filtering layer screen
Backing Screen, 135mm, mild steel, 14 mesh x 0.5mm wire.
Filtering Screen, 135mm, mild steel, 50 mesh (plain weave)
Filtering Screen, 300mm, Stainless steel, 50 mesh x 0.2mm wire
Delivery to Perth, Western Australia.

Filter Screens without Frame / rim:Extruder Backing Screen of 14 mesh mild steel material
Steel extruder screen, specification 14x0.50mm, disc diameter 135mm, non framed


Screen mesh 12x64 twill weave
Filtering Screen, 135mm, mild steel, 12 x 64 mesh ( twill weave), non framed


300mm disc filter mesh screen exported to Australia
Filtering Screen, 300mm, Mild steel, 50 mesh x 0.2mm wire, no framed cut mesh discs

316 Mesh Filter for Filtering Solids from Water Based Wastewater

Frame type
Filter material: 316 Stainless steel, 50 micron ( about 300 mesh) and 30 micron (about 400 mesh)
Twill weave mesh screens in frames with 6 inch diameter (filter screen) and 6 inch frame height
Deliver to USA


Extruder Mesh Screen, Welded Multi Layer Type

Circular extruder screen filter welded and rimmed
40/60/80 stainless steel mesh extruder pack: 53mm diameter. Circular shape. Spot welded mesh screen in three layers.
40/60/80/100 stainless steel mesh extruder pack: 111mm diameter. Circular. Spot welded mesh screen in four layers.
Samples for trial on extruders are provided.
Delivery to UK


Stainless Steel Extruder Filter
With edge
Sintered stainless steel extruder for liquid filtration.
50mm width, 1.5 to 3 mm thichkness of the edge
Filter media: 100 mesh screen filter in center

Wire Mesh Cartridges for Plastic Processing
Cartridge design
Deliver to Italian producer of cartridges with the following wire mesh:
Wire mesh in Stainless Steel AISI 310 S
Filtration: 25/30 mesh 800 my
wire: 0.18 mm

Filter Screen used on SIFTER sifting machine

Screen designed to be used on SIFTER sifting machine
25inch wide x 51 inch ( 150 MESH)
End connects: 2 ”
With urethane edging on both sides of the mesh

Filter media:

Stainless 150 mesh screen

Sifting Screen:


304 Stainless Mesh Disc Extruder Screen
Disc shape design
Processed from ss 250 mesh, with a diameter of 1.5625”.


Ultra thin Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
Ultra thin Stainless Steel Wire Mesh, with the following characteristics:
Mesh/Inch: 63
Wire Diameter : 0.04mm
Mesh opening : 0.363mm
Opening area: 81%
Weight : 4.320kg/m2
Delivery to Geneva Switerland

200 micron 304 stainless steel wire mesh
Form: Sheets or rolls 12” in width.

Stainless steel wire mesh 316, 10mm x 10mm x 1.6mm thickness, delivery to CFI Doha-Qatar.

Rolls of Dutch Twill Woven Wire Mesh, to Belgium.
Filtering media made of stainless steel.
Dutch Twill Woven Wire Mesh, with an aperture of 4-5 m, in SS 316L
Filtering media in SS, with a 2 m aperture.

Note: A trial sample is provided upon specific request for our above filter screen products.

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