Stainless Steel Architectural Mesh - Wire and Rod, Chained Mesh, Ring Mesh - for Architecture Facade and Curtains, Balcony Guarding, Sun Shading, Ventilation, Screening

Stainless steel woven wire mesh is ideal for interior and exterior architectural uses, as roof ceiling cladding, decorative curtains, wall cladding, and external facade cladding and sun shading.

Architectural Mesh Materials:

Materials grades include AISI 304, SS316 and etc. Majority of the mesh is manufactured by T304 stainless steel and T316 stainless steel with both internal and external applications. Most commonly Grade 304 is specified.

Popular colors for Architectural Screen: Stainless Steel, Gold, Silver, Copper, Bronze and others.

Architectural Meshes for Indoor and Outdoor Decoration
Metallic mesh fabrics woven with rod, wire, wire rope, used externally and internally for decorative purpose Manufactured to ASTM E2016-15 and other related international standards set for woven wire mesh.

Metal SS Architectural Mesh Features:

1, High strength, multi design, multi color finish, sagging good.
2, Anti-corrosion, alkali and acid resistance, suitable for outdoor and seashore area.
3, Fireproof building material with good shading effects.
4, High temperature resistance, no color fading.
5, Excellent decoration effect with etensive use.
6, Recycled material, environmental friendly, long service life.

Product Scope:
Diameter of steel bar: 0.5-4 mm.
Diameter of cable wire: 2-4 mm.

Color: Gold, silver, copper, gun-black, brass, bronze, etc.
Weight: 6-11.2 kg/m2.


Architectural Stainless Steel Mesh
In mesh rolls of 9’ x 18’
Stainless steel mesh with rod
Interior architecture mesh, woven with rod and wire rope structure
Material: Stainless steel mesh
Open area:60.6%
Cable Diameter: 2.75mm x 3
Mesh thickness:10mm
Cable Pitcth:68mm
Surface reatment:free oil
Rod Diameter: 4.5mm
Max Width: 6m
Rod Pitcth:14.5mm
Max Length:100m


Inox Stainless Steel ROd and Wire Cable Net For Balustrade
Metal wire mesh for railings and balcony fencing
Material: AISI SS316
Type: Bar & Cable Fabricated Mesh
Size: 510x510
Application: For Stair Railing, Balustrade, Blacony, Terrace


Stainless Steel Architectural Mesh - Cladding of Facades
Stainless steel facade mesh for wall cladding
Metal Mesh Façade Grille - Decorative Screen Panels
Patterns: Spira 590, Weber 620, 650
Type: Steel bar and crimped wire woven


Diamond Pattern Architectural Mesh
Metal screens with diamond opening: 2" x 2", antique bronze color, for decoration, securing and storing


Copper coloured architectural mesh

Slot, rectangular hole metal mesh sheet
Type: Bar and wire rod


Architectural Metallic curtains
Metal mesh curtains for building and architecture decoration
Size: 108 inch wide x 84 inch long
Type: Chained wire & rod
Metal fabric curtain, bronze or other metallic colored.
Purpose: Privacy and spacing curtains


Architectural chain ring mesh for Various Space Curtains
Chain main ringed mesh with the following details:
Material: stainless steel with bronze finish
Wire diameter: approx. 0.5mm
Ring diameter/aperture: 3.8mm
Also other sizes
Woven Metal Mesh Curtains

Material: SS, steel, aluminum
Color: Bronze, copper, gold
Structure: Chain main

Stainless Steel Ring Mesh Curtains

Stainless steel ring mesh curtains for hotels
Material: Ring Mesh of Stainless steel Wire
Wire diameter 0.5/1 mm
Ring diameter 3/10 mm
For Hanging Curtain 1 meter x 30 meter long.

Architectural drapery mesh, for decorative ceiling
Phosphor bronze mesh drapery for hanging ceilings
Pattern: S Spiral wire
Color: Phosphor bronze
Installation reference with drape details, in PDF


Stainless Steel Mesh curtain for door Guarding
Door guarding screen against insects and pets


Architecture Wire Mesh for balcony
SS304 mesh rigid panel for balcony decoration and security
AISI 304, in vintage gold color
In panel size: Height 600 mm x length 2000 mm
Thickness of the mesh : 3,9 mm
Cross rod (big wire) : 3,41 * 1,85 mm
Spiral wire (small wire) : 2,2 * 1,2 mm
Pitch cross rod:16 mm
Pitch spiral:4,8 mm


Architectural Projects

Why Choose SS Mesh for Architecture Designs?
Benefits of using ss wire mesh: Stainless steel architectural mesh also known facades mesh and decoration wire mesh. Architectural Metal Mesh in stainless steel is fireproof while the wire mesh configuration can be altered depending upon the level of air permeability required. It is frequently used to combine security and safety while at the same time remaining aesthetically interesting and pleasing to the eye.

Stainless Steel Architectural Mesh Ceiling
Stainless Steel Architectural Mesh Used as ceilings

Stainless woven wire mesh is a sustainable material which offers superior economic and environmental benefits as well as high strength to weight ratio, ease of fabrication and excellent aesthetic appeal.

Metal Mesh Cladding Panels for exterior decoration:
Stainless metallic mesh facade 316L grade
Stainless steel mesh panels for building project, in Arabian Gulf
Material grade: AISI 316L
Purpose: Facade and wall cladding and sun screening

Metal Curtain Wall Cladding Panels:
Metal mesh curtain wall cladding panels for exterior wall decoration
Exterior wall decorative wire mesh, shading screen, ventilation screen

Steel Rod Mesh Curtains:
SS Mesh for Internal Decoration

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