How to clean Stainless steel mesh filter?

There are a lot of people this question, stainless steel will rust it?

First, to clarify that under this concept, stainless steel is treated rather than just rust never rust, we professional production of stainless steel mesh, stainless steel mesh rusty then how to do? 

In fact, many customers will encounter this problem, the screen has a certain life, a long time will definitely rusty, but very a pity to throw away, for this situation, I provide a solution for your reference. 

First of all: the mesh coated with anticorrosive paint to prevent corrosion increases 

Second: wash the surface with an acidic substance rust 

Again: gasoline sprayed on the surface to prevent the further spread of rust 
And spraying the paint on the surface of the gasoline is relatively simple and commonly used method. Susceptible to corrosion corrosive sulfuric acid into the skin is not recommended. However, we should pay attention with paint and gasoline, paint and gasoline because of the two liquids is easy to burn, to be cut off when sprayed with fire, avoid disaster.

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