How to handle with Stainless steel mesh and increase its corrosion resistance?

There are a lot of people ask this question, will stainless steel products get rusty?

First, to clarify this concept, stainless steel is not a kind of metal material never getting stains or getting rusty. If unproperly treated, ss mesh will get stained or rusted also.

Another reason, the mesh screen get rusty, is that ss mesh screen is used for a long time, its anti corrosion property may be lessoned due to damage or mishandling in operations.

Three ways of handling stainless steel meshes to avoid corrosions:

First of all: The stainless wire mesh is further coated with anticorrosive coating layer to prevent corrosion or getting rusty. Pvc or polymer coated mesh provides protection to the stainless mesh surface at the same time enhance anti corrosion resistance.

Second: Wash the stained surface with an acidic substance

Gasoline sprayed on the surface to prevent the further spread of grease or rust 
And spraying the paint on the surface of the gasoline is relatively simple and commonly used method. Susceptible to corrosion corrosive sulfuric acid into the mesh surface is not recommended. However, we should pay attention to cleaning material in operation, because the liquid is easy to burn. It is important to keep away from fire to avoid potential disaster.

Also, When you handle ss mesh in production, storage or operation, it is important for workers to wear clean and soft non-metal gloves.

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