How to clean Stainless steel mesh filter?

Hot summer, drink a glass of fresh squeezed juice, summer thirst and rich nutrition.

Do you like to drink on fresh, extract, this time we need to prepare the fruit juicer for themselves.

Summer fruit is rich, can extract the apple, pear, peach, apricot, orange, watermelon and other fruit. They use fruit juicer, not only can drink fresh, also guarantee the nutrition of fruit.

Summer fruits are easy to corrupt, easy to bring some bad fruit extract juice frozen up and last longer.

But clear in time after you use juicer stainless steel wire mesh filter.

Stainless steel wire mesh filter clearing

Stainless steel wire mesh in the juice machine have a filter of fruit pulp or some impurity. Long time not to clean cause the clogging in inadequate filtration, stainless steel wire net hole after filtration precision is not high, not health, residual dross bacteria in stainless steel wire mesh, scrub when easy to damage the stainless steel filter.

We must use the fruit squeezer, with a soft brush gently wipe the stainless steel wire mesh, each mesh residue is rinsed clean. For some difficult to clean up the parts, stainless steel cleaning agents are available, and after cleaning also can increase the brightness of stainless steel wire mesh. For some readers reflect problems, such as scrub for a period of time after the stainless steel wire mesh rusted. This is because the stainless steel wire mesh by several kinds of brands, buy juice machine must identify the grades of the stainless steel wire mesh filter, be sure to national standard of 304 or 316, 316 l. And label is not clear is probably no nickel, stainless steel and nickel stainless steel wire mesh is not corrosion resistance, easy to rust, over a period of time after cleaning rust, no doubt you buy inferior products.

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