Latest Metal Mesh Products

Expanded Sheet Metal for Filtration

Drawing reference

Drawing details: Stainless steel expanded metal to make filters
Delivery to Zabia


Sheet Metal Mesh

Stainless steel (304) mesh grate, flat bearing bar type 1/1/2” x 3/16” smooth surface
Uses: Drain grating


Stainless Steel Chicken Wire

Hole: 3/8 inch stainless steel mesh


Stainless Steel Barbed Wire and Razor Wire

Razor wire with V arms and Posts
316 stainless steel razor wire 18 inch,
18” ss razor wire offering minimum 725 linear feet of coverage
Razor wire, 3" outer diameter
With 316 SS v corner arms and 2-3/8" outer diameter 316 SS intermediate or line v arms 
5 inch spacing 2 strands Barbed Wire
Each 4inch Gate Post V-Arm
Each 2-7/8” Tension or Corner Post V-Arm
Each 2-3/8” Line or Intermediate Posts V-arm with 1-5/8” O. D. Top Rails


Test Sieve Mesh Material

Stainless steel (SS) woven mesh, 500 micron
SS perforated, 2 mm hole
SS perforated, 1 mm hole
Uses: Materials for making of test sieve for laboratory use.

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